Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Not That Easy

Gee, you'd think is would be easy to place an add for sexual adventure and just hook up with someone. NOT. Well, not if you want to guard your safety and meet with men that have some intelligence and class. I am finding that many just don't have the guts to follow through. That doesn't bother me in itself, but it does bother me in regard to the time I waste with emails, phone calls and meeting them for coffee. I know I have to expect a certain amount of this, but it is still very irritating to waste time on someone who has no intention of actually meeting for the ass play.

And dating on the side is not easy either, but then when have I ever done things the easy way? I haven't. I met with a nice young man Monday, I shall call him Sean. He's had a good amount of experience in D/s and might be wanting a more aggressive Domme than I am. He hasn't contacted me since meeting, so that might be a sign he decided against getting together. If that's the case, it's all good. I have a feeling him and I don't have the right connection anyway. He might possibly feel the same.

After meeting Sean for coffee I had a vanilla date with a man I'll call Jed. He's an engineering student, (in his 40's) and I had a nice time with him. We just had coffee, but when we went out to have a smoke, which the only place to go was in his truck - he was all over me. He even wanted to go get a room, of which I declined. I did give him a blow job and he really got excited over that! I was rather surprised at how loud he was when he came - which is a huge turn on. Doesn't hurt that he's a great kisser too. He said he wanted to get together again, so we shall see. After what happened with a man I got together with a coupla weeks ago, I'll call him Dan, I don't put a lot of high hopes on these relationship dates. Dan was a man I met online and was super interested in meeting me, which we hooked up for a few drinks and did end up having sex. Big mistake. I haven't heard but a few fleeting words from him since. I should know better, but when ya got a couple drinks in ya, the desire comes to the surface and with me, I've always been an easy lay when I'm drunk. With Jed it was different and eventhough I gave him a blow job, I'm hoping we can least get together and be friends. I just don't understand men. I've been left in the dust because I wouldn't have sex with a guy and then blown off because I did. I am done with the games and have decided the best way to not get all hung up on one guy is to date a whole bunch of them. And that is what I am doing.

Am meeting with a client for coffee tomorrow - a married man who I will call Mick. He's a sweetie and I have a good feeling about him. He and I think on the same level and I hope the chemistry between us works. My friendship with Gary is working out wonderful and I had a long phone chat with him this morning. We will probably get together soon and I no longer consider him a client, but more of a friend. He wants to join me for the man on man play, so that will be helpful.

I ran my add again last night and the emails are flooding in. I know that most won't pan out, but oh well....guess I just have to get used to that and hope I don't waste too much time on them.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Beginning

I'm still amazed at this new venture of mine.
That a woman in her last year of being in her 40's would take on getting together with men to basically play with their ass. And what might boggle one's mind the most -
I am doing it for FREE.

I think my guidelines are set up well, as it is not as free as a man would like it to be, but I'm not a Pro and in time, if I get the right clients, this should be beneficial for me.
So far, the men I have been in communication with have been intelligent, upstanding and have presented themselves as Gentlemen.
They have no problem with my set standards and/or rules and if I keep a level head, this can work.

Not easy leaving the life of a seemingly normal type wife and mother to take on the role of Domme, but being that I am faced with so much change in my life right now, I don't see that I have much to lose.
At my age, time is not on my side. Granted I have been blessed with a youthful look that I am very grateful for, but still, I see I only have 10 good years ahead of me for something like this and I better make the best of it while I can.

Looking for a man to have a relationship with at the same time as I take on my new found calling will not be easy either. I need to keep my emotions out of my activity with clients and hopefully, with time, I can do that better than I have thus far. But I am new to this, so I am hopeful as I meet with more clients, this will become easier.

As I write about my clients and other men here, of course all names will be changed - just in case this blog is actually read by anyone.

My first was Gary. It wasn't set up that I would work with him that night, but after a few drinks, my common sense flew right out the window.
I don't regret allowing my evening to take place with Gary, but I lost track of all my set rules and the alcohol caused me to play more with Gary than work with him. Not Good. But being the sweet natured man he is, it did work out in my favor as I have learned from that experience a great deal.

First thing I learned - when I meet for coffee, I have coffee. When I drink alcohol with a client - two drinks is the limit. NEVER do I allow the option of the client having sex with me. I am there to teach him the art of anal fucking and that is what I will do.
I am so glad that Gary was a decent guy about it and hope he does call me back for another session. I don't think he will though. He was looking for a strict encounter with a serious Domme and all I did was conduct myself like a Goodtime Gal. That's great for dating, but not for my clients.
It gave me a lot to think about and for this to work, I must follow the protocol I have set for myself.

I have met one other client for coffee, of which his session will take place this coming week. I'll call him Joe. At 52 years old, he sure carries himself a lot older than I do. When I met him I was so much reminded of a grandpa person. No doubt he is a grandpa as he is very married.
I think it will work out well with Joe as he is not interested in the Domme experience as much as he just wants his ass played with. That's easy enough.
I am not attracted to him in the least, which also makes things easier. I hope that Joe can become a regular client as his needs are so basic.

So far the only client that has me a little uneasy is Jimmy. At 26 years old, I think he might be looking for more than he is telling me, I also have a feeling he will stand me up. He already canceled out on meeting for coffee and I will allow him one more chance. If he cancels again, he's off the list. If Jimmy does follow thru, I am betting it will be a one time thing with him.
I am leery about men so young being a client as they don't have their heads screwed on straight at all.
But we shall see....

On Wednesday I will be meeting with Lenny. He is such a nice man and so open in his emails, I am hoping our session goes well. He is exactly the type of client I want to have. A man that has had enough ass play to know he really wants it, yet, not to much that he'd be making demands on me to do things a certain way. I love the idea of the novice and Lenny is just that. He is so eager to learn and that is what I am all about.

I shall chat with 2 other clients on the phone today and we what can be set up for meeting for coffee next week. I am thinking that Sundays should be a day I have no contact with any clients, but it works out in my favor today, so will take the time talk with them.
This blog is my way of muddling through as I get myself situated with this new venture of mine.
I have a lot of mixed emotions in regard to how I am doing things and yes, the moral aspect enters in on me occasionally, but I am not a Pro and not accepting money for this so I am not breaking any laws. I am a grown woman and I enjoy ass play with men. Strange but true I guess. And with such a high demand for women like me, I figure why not give this a try and see where it takes me.

One careful step at a time of course.